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Mike and Elise-40.jpg

Mike and Elise   Kaipara Flats

Bethells Photographer-10.jpg

Sophie and Jay   Mt Eden

MS Photo-337.jpg

Steph and Jimmy Piha Beach 

Auckland wedding photographer--9.jpg
Candice and John     French Bay Auckland
web (19).JPG

Tina and Luke  Waitakere

The wonderful things people say

Maddy! Maddy! Marvelous Maddy!!! We've just viewed all the pics with some Ozzie rellies who arrived a few hours ago. They are all lovely and you've captured everything we wanted in all the people. You've caught mood, atmosphere and the essence of our family event and occassion. We are absolutely thrilled we chose you and you chose us! Thank you from the bottom and top, of our hearts.

                  Candice and John 

OH MY! Lovely, lovely photos. They are beautiful and the lighting, tones - everything, looks amazing!

My John looks very handsome and I'm super glad you caught us looking as good as we're going to get, which isn't too bad!

And a lovely smile caught from my Nana. She hates being photographed and smiling for the camera, so well done, you camera Ninja - you got her!

LOVE the kids pic too. All disorganised and at varying states of readiness and emotion. What a hoot and great for them to see when they are older...

I shall show the girls when they get in from school too. You will be VERY popular. THANK YOU, MADDY. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Maddy!! We looked through our wedding photos last night and we are totally blown away by what an amazing job you have done, you have truly outdone yourself. Thank you so much for all your time and effort and energy, we are so grateful to have such an absolute legend shoot our wedding.                        
                                                                                                Mike and Elise

Oh wow that was quick! Thank you so much we really appreciate it and love what we've seen.  We've had so many compliments on the photos and how they show our family well. I've had lots of chances to tell people how wonderful you were with us x

 Heidi and James

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