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Beginner Photography workshop Auckland


Learning to shoot in manual

Upcoming workshops:     


New workshop dates for 2019 will be updated soon. 

  -Saturdays, Thursdays or Mondays by request. Minimum 4 people, just call or email for info                           

This is a workshop for those who want to learn to use their camera in 'Manual' mode

Over the course of the workshop we will talk about the really important aspects of great images and how to get those into your own work.  We will spend lots of time getting to know your camera indoors and hopefully outdoors weather permitting.  I will help demystify the jargon to help you feel in control. We will get to know the buttons on your camera and learn how they control the way your images look.

-  Aperture – the amount of light coming thru your lens.

- Shutterspeed- the length of time the lens lets in light.

- ISO/ ASA – the sensitivity of the camera. 


We will cover composition and 'depth of field' and also why your 'story' is an integral part of every photo you take.

Along with many years of photography experience I also have a diploma in teaching to so you can be comfortable knowing that the class will be well run and informative. It will be a small group so that there is plenty of time for questions  and we can spend a lot of time really hands on, having a good play. 

 The venue is in a very special location at Bethells beach in gorgeous barn with comfy couches. Weather permitting we will head outside into the wonderful surrounds to try out your new skills.  Afternoon or morning tea is provided with delicious snacks and tea and coffee.

Maximum of 6 people.  

This is a beginner level class, also suitable for those who have not used their camera for a long and need a refresh.


Cost is $100 and you will need your own camera with a manual setting.


For more information or to book, email or call Maddy

09 8107150


"Thank you Maddy for a brilliant day today, I learnt so much, look forward to the next workshop! " Sarah

" I have to say, what a super workshop Maddy! I got everything I had hoped for out of it. So beautifully and thoughtfully hosted, everything well explained and heaps of patience for a novice like me. "  Bobby

"Thanks so much for an excellent workshop! I learnt lots and was able to finally get the concept of aperture!

It was a lovely group of people too and I thought your combination of teaching and practice was just right." Christina 

"Thanks again for Sunday, I thought the day was great..! It was easy to follow and there was just enough content to not be overwhelmed. 

Even more excited to get down to Queenstown this weekend and try some new skills out and looking forward to the next session..!" Maureen

"I thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills.  I've got a new enthusiasm to take pics that I have some input into.  There were no negatives, the pace was just right for me and your patience shines through. "  Carolyn

"I thoroughly enjoyed the "Chasing Light" workshop. I feel like you thought of everything to create a sacred space for learning! I'm keen as a bean to do more with you! I loved looking through the photos at the beginning- what you were drawing our attention to was quite powerful. Your expertise was presented in an accessible way."   Jasmin

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