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Photography was one of my first loves.  

As I teenager I used it to explore my home in the Waitakere Ranges of West Auckland and it wasn’t long before I was drawn around the world. Photography gave me the chance to look a little longer, to take in all the faces and details.  Japan in its snow lit clarity, Vietnam’s wet tropical haze, Morocco shrouded in dusty hues and I was able to take all these magic moments home.

I now live with my beautiful little family in one of New Zealand’s special places, Bethells Beach on Auckland’s magical west coast.  We love it here, New Zealand may not offer the same new and intoxicating images of my travels but I am inspired by this place summer and winter.  The drama of its unique shapes, wind sculpted trees, sea mist softened light and rumbling surf a comforting reminder that some things have never changed.  

To me, the best images are still about relationships, natural and true.  It is these intimate and telling moments that I have the honor of recording that keep me as passionate about photography as I have ever been in all my time studying and practicing it .

I want to help you save these moments.  I'm not going to get you into a studio or adjust your arm to find the perfect frozen pose. I have a light touch when it comes to photoshop because I think we should honour and love ourselves as we are I like to have an easy presence while I photograph so that your relationships, your special moments feel real because they are.  The kids will play and laugh, we will talk and walk and explore.  We are going to go places that mean something to you.  Choose your location, your garden, the beach, or simply everyone piled on your bed.  If you are not sure where to go or are up for a bit of adventure, I have lots of suggestions. I love nothing more than the chance to explore Auckland or to share the many wonderful vistas or quiet corners the Bethells Valley offers.

My work is varied and I love that, I get excited before each and every shoot.  Whether it be the long awaited family photos, a glorious wedding, the buzz of an event or the quiet contemplation of a complex food or product shot.  I do them all with pleasure.   

I would love to share my love of light and moments with you.  Please give me a call and we can make some plans xx


Maddy Stockford

Cert Prof Photography

BDes (  Photography Major)

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Tel:  09 8107150

        022 6171654

Email: maddystockford@gmail.com


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