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Weekday Morning Sessions

While adventuring to a beautiful beach, forest or park can bring out the best in people, for the little people in your life,there is nothing quite like being in your own space for letting real life shine through.  If getting the littlies dressed up for an expedition is more than you can manage at the moment try one of my 'Morning Sessions' .  I come to your home and we spend a couple of hours pottering about at your house having fun, the kids show me their toys and their garden, maybe play a game or two.  The grownups get involved for kisses and cuddles and then we let the kids do their own thing while I snap away getting precious real moments.  For some people these photos are more meaningful than than the glorious event that is a family shoot at a distant location. The kids relax so quickly as they show off their favorite things with pride. 

These weekday shoots are the perfect option for families with preschoolers who love informal photos.  Maybe you can't find an afternoon in your busy weekends or perhaps you  want great photos of the kids and are not so concerned with being in the images yourself.  By the way, if you can handle it, you don't even need to tidy the house!   I love a real house and am quite capable of throwing a pair of shoes behind the couch if they get in the way of a great shot.

It's also the perfect solution for those on a budget as on a weekday prices start from $250 for up to 4 people. 

Give me a call to see if this is right for you xxx

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